SportExcel Malaysian Junior Golf Circuit 2018, Leg 1

Our golf event calendar started at Monterez Golf & Country Club and at The Club @Bukit Utama. The event was organized on 24-25 February 2018. The event which was originally planned to be played at Monterez Golf & Country club received an overwhelming response from junior golfers around Malaysia and abroad too. In this leg, a record number of 174 players registered. The huge number of registration prompted SportExcel to work hard to get another course in order not to disappoint some of the kids.

The Club @Bukit Utama came to the rescue by allowing SportExcel to use its course for the tournament. D & E kids played at Bukit Utama while A, B and C category kids played at Monterez Golf & Country Club. It is also to be noted that this tournament had also attracted around 10 non-Malaysians as well.

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