A Famosa Resort has once again hosted another SportExcel golf series. This time, the course hosted selected players from around Malaysia in the SportExcel National Junior Premier Elite Golf Circuit 2017, Leg 2. The tournament which carry World Amateur Golf Ranking is a 3 day no cut event.

Player from around Malaysia decent to A Famosa hoping to be the best of the best. Day 1 saw some expected result and some improvement from the rest of the field.

Day 2 produce great performance from underdogs, while some favourites has some work to do as they find the day a little bit difficult. However, day 3 will see the junior trying their best to win or to improve their position.

Winners on Day 3 are:

  • Hadi Irfan Rahaizah (BA)
  • Isaac To Chern Yi (BB)
  • Rizq Adam Rohizam (BC)
  • Allycia Gan Pheik Wen (GA)
  • Park Yeon Seo (GB)
  • Kelly Low Ka Yan (GC)