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Contribute to Our Cause


As the Foundation for Malaysian Sporting Excellence, SportExcel is always in need of funds to drive its various programs. The request for financial assistance from talented athletics as well as the growing number of junior circuits has put much pressure on SportExcel’s funds.

SportExcel’s major source of funding is the contribution from its Charter Members. But not all Charter Members contribute cash. A number of them, such as the New Straits Times, TV3 and Astro Arena, contribute in kind – coverage of SportExcel activities. Symphony House Group provides SportExcel with accounting, auditing and taxation services.

In some other instances, SportExcel indulges in fund raising efforts such as the “Golf for SportExcel” and “SportExcel Idol-Nite” programs where participants make financial contributions. But, the fact remains that if SportExcel is to be able to do much more for sport in Malaysia and in particular junior development, it needs to have a better financial standing.

SportExcel is always on the search for companies with a “heart for sport” and a desire to experience the thrill of having a athlethe  (junior) on that road to excellence.



This membership category is open to all organisations and exceptions can be made in respect of requests for category exclusivity e.g. Accounting Firms, Airlines, Automobiles, Banks. Charter members will contribute a minimum of RM45,000 in cash or in kind (services) over a three-year period.


Any person or company who agrees to contribute to the Yayasan, a sum of not less than RM5,000 per annum may be recognized as a Corporate Sponsor.


Any person or company contributing a sum of not less than RM10,000 through a specified joint-venture project may be recognized as a Project Sponsor for such a period as the Board of Governors may determine.

Dato' Nicol Ann David

“I first cut my teeth as a squash player on the SportExcel Junior Circuit. It was definitely those early years that helped mould my career. The circuit continues to assist in the development of hundreds of young players. I thank SportExcel for helping me rise to become a World Champion in my sport. I urge the private sector to join hands with SportExcel in realizing its vision to assist the young talents in not just squash but other sports as well to achieve excellence.”

Sidney Tung

“I have been associated with SportExcel from the early years of its formation. The bowling circuit has been the source of much strength where promotion of the sport and the development of young talent in concerned. Indeed, I would go as far as to say, the emergence of many of Malaysia’s past and present stars like World Champion Esther Cheah and Jacqueline Jenelee Sijore, was due to the support and encourgement received from playing on the SportExcel circuit. The MTBC deeply appreciates what SportExcel has done for the Malaysian Tenpin Bowling. SportExcel as a non-profit faundation, deserves more financial assistance, especially from the private sector, as it strives to do even more for Malaysia’s junior development.”

Shalin Zulkifli

“I knowI can never thank SportExcel enough for achieving excellence not just at the national but international level as well. The national junior bowling circuit provided me and many other national bowlers with a high standard of competition. We gained the needed confidence playing on it. SportExcel is also an organization committed to the development of junior talent and is one of a kind! I salute SportExcel and wish it will be able to do even more for juniors in Malaysia. The private sector can play a bigger role and will no regret its investment in junior talent development, as this is for the future.”


Each category of membership is entitled to specific benefits as indicated below:


All contribution in cash to SportExcel is tax-deductible. Confirmation of this may be obtained from the SportExcel office.


Membership with SportExcel allows those concerned to use its logo for promotional purposes. SportExcel will however have to approve all materials used for this purpose to ensure that high standards are maintained at all times. SportExcel will be happy to provide any assistance related to pictures or graphics to members.


SportExcel publishes a quarterly newsletter which highlights and documents all its activities and other related information. This magazine will have prominently displayed on the back page logos of all its Charter Members and those for other categories. The same prominence will be given to members in all other publications and promotional material produced by SportExcel.

SportExcel has established a website to promote its activities and Charter members will also have prominent mention on the site.


The logos and support of SportExcel Members for specific programs will be prominently displayed at the venues on backdrops and other related material to give them maximum publicity in respect of the media and the public. Members can rest assured that suggestions they have on highlighting their participation in SportExcel will be actively pursued.


  • Create awareness of SportExcel at the business decision-maker level
  • Create awareness at the consumer level of SportExcel activities
  • Create awareness among decision-makers and the public of the support rendered by Charter members in the print and electronic media.