UPDATE: Gavin Green – SportExcel Junior Amateur 2018: Note to Players from Gavin Green, Schedule and Tournament Info

December 11, 2018

 Boys & girls,

 It’s now less than a week till the week of the Gavin Green-SportExcel Junior Amateur 2018. I hope you guys are prepared and raring to go!

 I hope you have managed to sign up for the off-course activities – please refer to the schedule below and sign up with SportExcel.




Registration is on Monday, December 17. Please do register at the Tournament Office before you head out for your practice round.


For groups C,D & E, caddies are allowed. You may ask mum, dad or a friend get an outside caddie to work with you. Just register the caddy with SportExcel on registration day.

Practice Round

The official practice round is on Monday, December 17, 2018. Due to the large number of participants, the practice round will be scheduled and the schedule will be updated to the SportExcel website and FB page by Wednesday, December 12, 2018.  Please be on time so that everyone can get their practice rounds in. If you are late, you may need to wait a long time for a slot to be free.

Pace of Play

As you are all aware, we have many players and we want to make sure that everyone has lots of fun and can get their rounds in. So, for this tournament, pace of play will be very important. So, try to walk faster to get to your ball and play ready golf.


There will also be a notice board near the Tournament Office (the halfway hut at Tee Box 10). Please do check the board for information and updates.



MONDAY                                DECEMBER 17

7.00am – 4.00pm                     Registration – please register before 4pm

7.30am                                    Practice Round – please check website for tee times

2.30pm                                    Stretch and stay fit by Dr Micaiah Meuer

TUESDAY                                 DECEMBER 18

7.10am onwards                     Tournament Day #1 – Boys & Girls A & B

10.30am                                  Stretch and stay fit by Dr Micaiah Meuer

2.30pm                                    Fun with Gavin clinic


WEDNESDAY                          DECEMBER 19

7.10am                                    Tournament Day #2 – Boys & Girls A & B

                                                Tournament Day #1 – Boys & Girls C, D & E

10.30am                                  Fun with Gavin clinic


THURSDAY                              DECEMBER 20

7.10am                                    Tournament Day #3 – Boys & Girls A & B

                                                Tournament Day #2 – Boys & Girls C, D & E

2.30pm                                    Prize giving & lunch


Looking forward to seeing all of you next week!


“Have Fun !!!”