Monitoring and Evaluation Program

1st Monitoring and Evaluation 17-19 June 2022

Participants, Panel and Officials

Participants (in attendance)


Chan Yu Chi (Ms)

Adani Raihan bt Muhammad Azhari

Daania Daniella bt Abd Hazli


Yoong Jia Jia (Ms)

Loo Yie Bing (Ms)

Leong Xiu Rui (Ms)

Chong Xin Lin (Ms)

Tan Rou Xin (Ms)

Kelly Teo Yao (Ms)

BMX Riders

Nur Khayrin Najiha bt Md Shahrulnizam

Noureen Najwa Zainodin

Nisreen Hannah Mohd Hafezzullah

Nur Adriana Sofea Abdul Hakim

Nur Aliesya bt Mohd Azman

Ayra Marissa bt Zul Faqar

BMX Riders

Tennis Players


Sisterhood In Sports - Swimmers

Spirit of Camaraderie - Tennis and BMX Riders

Registration Day

Attendance Registration and Briefing


Indoor Activities Coordinated by M&E Panel and Officials

Motivational Session with Datuk Dr. Nicol Ann David

Unconditional Support From Parents, Family Members and Coaches

Athletes' Aspiration

Words of Wisdom

Fathers' Day Celebration and June Birthday Celebration