Why You Should Lace Up and Go For a Jog

By The Sporting Blog
Source : https://thesporting.blog/blog/2017/10/8/some-basic-benefits-of-running
Well, any exercise that repeatedly breaks down muscle fibres will do this IF combined with a good diet. Without the good diet and a decent amount of protein the muscle will not repair properly and therefore grow.
They are getting a workout that’s for sure, can’t be a bad thing to keep the airbags expanding and contracting right?

This is super vague but again, as part of a regimen where your calories in are less than your calories out, your body will lose excess fat. Running is an exercise that requires a lot of energy e.g. calories, to perform. As such if you are doing a lot of running, you are using a lot of calories. Don’t eat to replace, eat to repair.

Well, the theory is that increased blood flow, higher endorphins and a healthy cardiovascular system all contribute to a correctly functioning immune system. There is no way to ‘boost’ the immune system, it works symbiotically with other bodily functions, so overall, a healthy body will help keep a healthy immune system.

There is no doubt that doing ‘cardio’ is a way to keep you cardiovascular system in better shape. Exercise the heart and improve blood pressure, your resting pulse rate and feel younger!

We kind of just covered that. All exercise benefits your blood pressure, and it is something that you would want to keep down. High blood pressure can also mean a lifetime of pills etc. So keep it down!

A clearer mind generally makes for a happier human. Running can help clear your head, as well as increase endorphin production which generally makes you feel good. If you feel good, your brain fog will clear and you may just improve how your brain works.