Personal Note

HRH Tan Sri Tunku Imran Tuanku Ja’afar, Chairman

“SportExcel is by any yardstick a young organization. But we have been able to maintain a high profile in Malaysian sport through our highly effective junior circuits and other activities. Some of them have achieved excellence at the Asian and World Levels. One proud example is, squash World Champion, Datuk Dr. Nicol Ann David who started her career, playing on the SportExcel junior squash circuit. Shalin Zulkifli (3-time world bowling champion) is another fine example. We are proud of this and will do our best to ensure others follow in their footsteps in the future. It is our vision that the junior circuits helmed by SportExcel, will prove a major catalyst for growth in the context of Malaysian sport. Be part of that positive push for change and excellence! Come onboard and support our efforts to continue and produce more new champions by ensuring that our programmes run efficiently and benefit junior athletes’ development in the country. Be a charter member and/or sponsor any of our events and contribute to making Malaysia an excellent sporting nation. Children, after all, are the future.”

Mr Sivanandan Chinnadurai, Executive Director

“Where others have only talked about junior development, we have been able to show, it can be a blessing to Malaysian sport. We are proud of our achievement in this area but also recognize that much more can be done for the cause of junior development. Despite the current tough economic condition, SportExcel is positive that sponsors and donors would continue to chip in and help the growth of Malaysian sports. We have two types of sponsors – tournament-based sponsors and chartered members – besides other donors who assist in cash and kind. Our spending largely consists of operational costs, organising elite circuits and about RM50,000 for the annual individual funding of our best athletes. All the information you need on SportExcel and its programs is contained in this website. Rest assured that any money contributed to SportExcel will be well utilized as we are very prudent and transparent in our spending. SportExcel believes strongly in change and to remain relevant to the constantly changing face of sport, we will seek to innovate. We will not just speak of excellence but ensure that it is always a reality.”