Our Programmes

SportExcel operates two programs – the elite athlete assistance program and the Malaysian junior circuit. Through these programs, SportExcel aids the country’s most promising sportsmen and sportswomen. It is pertinent to point out that, only SportExcel operates such an incentive program when compared to other sports bodies. But SportExcel sees itself as not competing with the national sports associations but merely complementing their role. This is the same with the National sports Council (NSC) with whom SportExcel works in close liaison in respect of all programs. It is the intention of SportExcel to ensure that what it is doing, dovetails with the aspirations of the NSC for the development of Malaysian sport. For this reason, the NSC also sees SportExcel as an organization meeting an important need in Malaysian sport. This assistance scheme has been much welcomed by all the national associations associated with SportExcel and more so by the athletes and their parents in the case of juniors.

Annual Circuits Data

  • Number of Sports held : 10-12 types
  • Participants : Target Age : 5yo – 18yo
  • Participants from public/private schools, clubs, academies, and associations
  • Circuits (tournaments) with Grand Finals held throughout the country

i) Elite Athlete Assistance Program

Each year SportExcel provides the young elite performers or potential high-performance athletes with financial assistance to defray costs associated with their training and competition programs.

The grant components are:

(a) Accommodation costs during training and competition at home and abroad

(b) Transport and travel for training and competition at home and abroad

(c) Access to sports science and sports medical services

(d) Coaching fees

Amongst the prominent athletes who have benefited from the elite athletes assistance program have been bowler Shalin Zulkifli, Ong Beng Hee and Datuk Dr. Nicol Ann David of squash, Ben Leong, Gavin Green of golf and Arul Suppiah of cricket.

ii) Sponsored Junior Circuit Programmes

SportExcel firmly believes that the future of Malaysian sport lies in the strategy of having organized and sustained programs for juniors. The circuits are very well received by the participating juniors who are often accompanied by their parents as they make their “rounds”. Media interest in the circuit is also high as it often mirrors emerging talent.  SportExcel is confident that the circuits will continue to provide the motivation for Malaysian junior athletes to train and remain competitive throughout the season. The circuits provide a useful platform for all the juniors to also hone their skills on a year-round basis through sustained and high-level competition. A program of this nature is a rarity in many countries throughout the world. The junior circuits showcase the best of emerging talent in the various sports.

iii) International Exposure Program Junior Golf (Reciprocal)

Talented Juniors shall be chosen to represent Malaysia. This program is in collaboration with the members of the Asia Pacific Junior Golf Association (APJGA) since March 2016. Member of the Asia Pacific Junior Golf Association (APJGA) since March  2016. Member countries : Australia, China, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, Indonesia and Malaysia. Hills Golf Academy, Gold Coast, Queensland Scholarships : 1 Year, 1 Month (4 scholarship). Note : On arrival at any of the APJGA countries and Truevisions, Bangkok all expenses (accommodation, golf expenses and internal transfers) are borne by the ‘Host’ countries.

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iv) Fundraising Programmes

SportExcel is funded mainly by the private sector and supports programs designed to develop sporting excellence. All donations to SportExcel are tax-exempt. From its inception, SportExcel had its sights clearly set on junior development in Malaysian sport and firmly believes that the future of Malaysian sport lies in the context of junior development. Thus, talented Malaysian juniors must be accorded all assistance to help them reach their full potential.