Reciprocal Programmes

MENPORA - PAGI International Junior Golf Championship 2022

LLD International Amateur Championship 2022

SportExcel had recently sent a team of young Malaysian golfers to participate in the LLD International Amateur Championship (May 30th – June 1st, 2022) held at Laguna National Golf Resort Club, Singapore. The Malaysian team was represented by Ng Jing Xuen, Wang Xin Yao and Andrew Yap Yung Cheng and Syed Nor Ismail Sha. “After two and half years of absence from international tournaments, these juniors are in need of such international exposures”, said C. Sivanandan, the Executive Director of SportExcel. Singapore is the latest to join the International Exposure Program Junior Golf (Reciprocal) Program SportExcel has with Hills Golf Academy, Gold Coast (Australia). SportExcel has reciprocal programmes with India, China, Taiwan, Thailand, Indonesia, Australia, Korea and Japan.

Final Results

Boys A Cat:
T17 Syed Nor Ismail Sha Bin Syed Hussein – 72, 83, 79 (234)
Boys B Cat:
8th Andrew Yap Yung Cheng – 84, 81, 80 (245)
Girls B Cat:
3rd Ng Jing Xuen (OCB) – 76, 74, 76 (226)
5th Wang Xin Yao – 77, 76, 76 (229)